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& Enterprises, Inc.
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New Port Richey, FL





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sbrush Pat -  Looks Great !!!
sbrush Jeanine - Hudson, Fla  Very pleased with the finished product! House looks brand new. Looks Beautiful! Great Job!           4-23-2013
sbrush City Of Tarpon Springs -  Great Job , thank you ---  Interior offices

Carmella - New Port Richey , Fla    Everything was done beautifully. The workers took great care to make sure everything was done correctly and was cleaned up when they finished.             4-14-2013



Lori - New Port  Richey, Fla   It Looks Great !!!!  Very Happy    3-7-2013



Jacqueline -    New Port Richey, Fla         Excellent Job ! Very Professional , Polite  Thank You  2-19-2013


sbrush Peggy and Erick -  Outstanding Job,  Great Job
sbrush RON - New Port Richey, FL    Good Job, Nice Crew!  Thanks
sbrush Dumitru - Tarpon Springs, FL   Great Job, Excellent guys
sbrush Wendy - Tarpon Springs, FL  Your guys were very neat and polite.  I would call you again for the next project. Your foreman was a great leader and took great care of the job.  "Thank you"
sbrush Ed - Largo, FL - Harry's Painting painters did an "outstanding" job.  They were a pleasure to work with as was the office staff.  Very professional, a delight to work with!
sbrush Sue and Danny - New Port Richey, FL Extremely Happy both with job done and with crew, helpful and willing to do everything to make us happy.
sbrush Rosalie -  Port Richey, FL  They (the crew) did such a good job!   " I Love It"
sbrush Peter - Tarpon Springs, FL    "Amazing"  Everything looks amazing.  The crew was great, very personable, very professional, did an amazing job.  I have already recommended them to a family member.
sbrush Pete - Tarpon Springs, FL  Everything looks great, We are very pleased with the job done by your crew.
sbrush Tom and Kathy - Hudson, FL  We love the house, it looks beautiful, we couldn't be happier with the end results. Harry's Painting did a professional job from the first meeting for our estimate to the painting and stucco repairs that were needed.  His crew went straight to work, each one knowing exactly what they had to do.  We can't express enough how pleased we are.  We would recommend Harry's Painting to anyone who wants to "rebeautify" their home.
sbrush Tim - Port Richey, Fl   The colors you helped us pick matched so nicely, everything blends great.  The job by the crew was top notch
sbrush Helen - Palm Harbor, Fl   Beautiful job, very pleased with the outcome
sbrush Bill - St. Pete, FL  Great Workers (Crew) Excellent Job!
sbrush Dudley - Lakeland, FL  Thank you for a great job, Well done.
sbrush Bonnie -  Lake Wales, FL  It was a pleasure working with Harry's Painting, the guys were very cooperative even with the problems we encountered.
sbrush Kurt -  New Port Richey, FL  Great crew, friendly, courteous, efficient and professional
sbrush Bridget -  Tarpon Springs, FL  Great Job!  Very Pleased!  Quick and Promising
sbrush Frank -  Trinity, FL  All work looked good, No Problems!
sbrush Jeff - Port Richey, FL  Crew was great!
sbrush Mary -  Hudson, FL  I am very pleased with the painting job Harry's Painting did for me
sbrush Ed  - Tarpon Springs, FL   Excellent Job

Leslie - Spring Hill, FL  Harry staged the painting of the interior of our Gold's Gym in Spring Hill, Fl taking into account our time constraints and access restrictions, so that the job moved along smoothly and efficiently to completion without distrubing our members and guests.  Zero VOC paint was used, virtually eliminating odor.  Bottom line, a professional job that exceeded our expectations.

Roseanne - Palm Harbor, FL
Your company did a great job on my house! The repairs were phenomenal and the paint job looks beautiful !
Roger - Palm Harbor, FL
Your staff was helpful and friendly and the painters were amazing. It looks great. Thank you!!!
Patricia - Dunedin, FL
The painters were very friendly and accommodating. The customer service was excellent!
Ryan - Clearwater, FL
The house looks great. The painters were nice and always on time. The office was helpul and really courteous.
Orin - Palm Harbor, FL
The guys were very nice, focused, and meticulous. Good job!
Susan - Holiday, FL
Everything looks great and the guys were so nice. The house looks very good.
Bob - Dunedin, FL
The painters were nice, neat, and very courteous. I am very pleased and will call for any future work.
Kathy - Holiday, FL
I'm very pleased. The guys did a great job!
Bob - Largo, FL
Our building looks great! Excellent job!
Andrew - Tarpon Springs, FL
Everything looks fantastic. The guys did a terrific job
Times Publishing Company - Port Richey, FL
The building looks great. The guys did a wonderful job. They were hard workers and we couldn't have asked for a better crew.
Betty - Port Richey, FL
The house looks beautiful.
John - Tampa, FL
The guys were absolutely fantastic. They were professional, courteous, and very hard workers. They were perfectionists. I've never been more impressed by anyone. Awesome job!
Scott - New Port Richey, FL
I'm extremely happy with the work that was done. The guys were great and very professional. I liked how everything was explained to me from the estimate to the actual work that was being done. I was impressed from the proposal all the way up to the courtesy call.
Angelo - Port Richey, FL
The colors are perfect and the house looks beautiful. The guys were wonderful. Harry's Painting has left a very good impression with us.
Richard & Julie - Oldsmar, FL
The guys were very nice. They were really accommodating, professional, and courteous. The girls in the office were great. They kept me informed on everything and were a pleasure to deal with. Nice job.
Patricia - Palm Harbor, FL
I'm extremely pleased with the work that was done. I appreciate everything that was done to get the painting done before the wedding reception. You went above and beyond! Everyone thinks the house looks absolutely beautiful!
Florence - Safety Harbor, FL
The guys were real gentlemen. They were great and had wonderful personalities. They did exactly what they were supposed to do and my house looks lovely.
Nancy - Palm Harbor, FL
I'm a returning customer and love the work that you do each and every time you come to my house. Your crews and office staff are always a pleasure to work with and the painting always comes out beautiful!
Todd - Tampa, FL
The building looks fabulous.
Debbie - Clearwater, FL
What an excellent job! We are very pleased with the finished product! We have a brand new house. What a pleasure to come home to. Very neat job too. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you during this adventure!
Carol - Tampa, FL
Your crew was wonderful. They were hard workers, dilligent, and thorough. a job "well" done!
Carmen - Port Richey, FL
Very good job!
All Saints Episcopal Church - Tarpon Springs, FL
Fast and courteous!
David - New Port Richey, FL
I want to thank Harry's Painting for repainting my house. Most companies would not have guaranteed their work like Harry's Painting did. I will be happy to recommend your company to any of my friends and associates. I also want to thank the painters for their outstanding work. Thank you for your time and consideration.